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Building, Licensing, and Zoning


Before you pick up that hammer or call your contractor, you may need to get in touch with the Russellville Building, Licensing, and Zoning Department. Certain areas of the city are zoned for specific types of structures and uses. Many residential areas within the city limits of Russellville, such as Woodridge, Briarleigh, Hester Heights and Woodland Hills, have covenants and restrictions, details which may be provided by this department.

Most construction projects require building permits. These permits are very affordable and help to offset expenses involved with the safety and code inspection of those projects.

New construction and many types of remodeling require inspections at many phases for different areas, such as electrical work and plumbing.

Contact Information:
Bill Fuller

Russellville City Hall

304 N Jackson Ave

PO Box 1000

Russellville, AL. 35653


256-332-8777 Fax


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