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Russellville Municipal Court

400 Jackson Ave. N.
Russellville, AL 35653
Phone (256) 332-8700
Fax (256) 331-0959

Russellville Municipal Court handles traffic citations (issued by the Russellville Police Department) and misdemeanors occurring within the city limits.  Court is typically held on the first Monday of the month unless that Monday is a holiday and then court is held the following Monday.

Russellville Municipal Judge Roger Bedford and City Prosecutor Eddie Beason are available on Court days.  The Court Clerk/Magistrate Lisa Freeman handles all court business on a daily basis and can contact the Judge or Prosecutor , if necessary. 

Russellville Municipal Court accepts cash, money orders, and credit cards (credit cards incur a fee of 4.5%).  After hours you can pay with a money order in the drop box in the front of the building.  Make sure you put the name of the person whose fines are being paid on the money order.  

Payments can also be paid online at or by calling (938)200-8055.

Russellville Municipal Court cannot give legal advice.

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